About Dolores in the Trails and in the Cities

Hi I’m Fadzli. I’m documenting my progress in this mountain bike hobby. I’ve always loved biking since my dad gave me a racing bike when I was a kid living in Brussels. It was the perfect sort of country to love this sort of hobby and it didn’t take too long until I went out on the roads and exploring the cities. I was followed the path of landing planes to the airport.

Anyway, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve built a bike before from scratch but (1) I didn’t actually assemble most of the components and left it to professionals and (2) I didn’t attend and competitive events. This time, I will try to do both and write about the lessons I’ve learnt and hopefully, you’ll feel confident enough to mess around and get your fingers dirty too.

Why this particular bike?  A Montague Paratrooper? Well, I love its design. I love the idea that I could pack it up and tour any city I like or carry it with me onto a train. I love that it looks like a full-size mountain bike. It also has a bit of military in it so I hope it’s as rugged as they say it is. I’m not a huge fan of the price though so, I’ve spent many years trying to get hold of the original frame or buy a pre-loved one. I did manage to find one advertised by an expat living in the city. It was real beat-up and I could tell he didn’t go easy on it which was great. It wasn’t left somewhere to be looked at. This thing could last. It had all of its original components on. They’re very basic and heavy but got the job done. I haven’t weighed the whole thing yet but I could tell it was heavy. I’m making it my mission to modernize it. I hope you’ll stick around to see how this goes.

Thanks for reading!



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