Plastic butt-holder/waffle maker

Santa has been pretty generous so far. Ok, not exactly since I’m paying for the stuff but it’s nice to come to the office and receive parcels almost daily. Unwrapping new stuff will never be not fun- ever.

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Meet Dolores

Ok, I’m in the habit of naming things. I don’t know who isn’t but I think certain things have a little spirit and they’re worth naming for a bit of luck, kinda like how boats have to be named and be christened to be safe from the perils of the sea.

Dolores is an old bike. A Montague to be exact. She’s came to life hand-welded sometime before 2012. In the world of mountain bikes, that’s a very long time. Standards keep changing, sizes growing and ever increasing performance. It’s silly to call it a standard since you’d think standards keep things in order at some sort of baseline but it seems like the standard is at the forefront, the tip of the spear.

Dolores’ wheels are 3 inches too small, front gears 2 cogs too many and her weight 1 number from the decimal too many in comparison to the current generation but that’s how long I’ve been wanting this bike. But alas, until now, I have not been able to afford it. So now here she is:

I didn’t buy her brand new. The previous owner was an expatriate working for an oil company working and living in an affluent part of the city that’s been blessed with amazing bike trails. Judging from her stressed but solid components, the previous owner had used her to her potential and maybe more with whatever she came with.

I named her Dolores after a fictional character from a TV show called Westworld. Dolores started off innocent and kind, beautiful and a woman of the wild Midwest. Throughout the show, as she encounters epiphanies and challenges, she morphs herself into a new self capable of conquering all that came before her. So just like my bike, she’ll go through a metamorphosis of her own.

But first, I will measure Dolores and provide details of details of what makes up her bones. I’ll save that for the next blog after obtaining the tools needed.

In the meantime, May Dolores lead me safely over the trails and hills, over plains and grass safely and with the smell of adventure at every sharp decent and calming rests over scenic views.

For reading this far, you get a free pic of Dolores Abernathy